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Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

Perfect Money, Received Dollars With Only Placed Banner in Our Blog


Perfect Money has essentially the same functions with PayPal, the online bank that can be used to make purchases and receiving money online.

But excess Perfect Money can exchange their cash into electronic currency in the shortest time period and the exchange rate that are reliable.

Perfect Money also offers installation of their logo 150 x 75 in your blog/website by giving you $10 per PR your blog, with a minimum PR blog = 2 (example : PR 2 x $ 10 = $ 20 / month for the installation of the logo on the blog was PR 2).

Don't forget if you've signed up and then log in to member area, click the PM for Business in the bottom of the page site of Perfect Money, and check the "Reward to site owners with the logo of Perfect Money", and enjoy your dollars monthly from your hard work making blog!.

Want to try, ya click the link below:

Perfect Money

How to install the Perfect Money logo :

1. Please login to Perfect Money
2. See the bottom of the page, click on PM for Business.
3. Select and mark the Reward to Site Owners with Symbol of Perfect Money, click the read more link and enter your blog URL address
4. Fill in your data (Perfect Money considers your blog as your business, so fill your blog with the data as if in a container business)

Perfect Money will review your blog to decide whether your blog is accepted or not. Reviewing your blog/website takes less than 24 hours. You will receive notification via email that you use when registering. If you have received confirmation that your blog is being approve, continue the following steps:

1. Log into your account, click the Affiliate Program at the bottom of the page. Look for the logo size 125 x 75 or logos equivalent or greater that size and save on your computer, (press the Print Screen button, open an image editor that you have like MsPaint, click the edit menu and paste, cut in the desired image. Because of Perfect Money does not provide a script that can be directly copied and posted on our blogs, but that's allright, earning money is not completley easy like Ad's say.

2.Place the logo on your blog by including your referral link like (replace 346927 with your ID)

3. If already installed, Perfect Money will not calculate the payment imediately. You have to give confirmation to them that the logo has been installed correctly on your blog. Send the internal mail that you can access at the member's area on Internal Mail menu.

4. Click Compose New Ticket to Our Service Support. Write The subject: Confirmation. Select Department: Priority Support Department. Then the contents of the message, for example: I have been put the Perfect Money logo in my site. Please check it out in (replace with your blog address).

5. You will receive a satisfactory answer if all the steps I gave you applied properly. And the payment you will receive exactly 1 month after confirmation is received into your account.

Done, happy to enjoy your free money every month according to your blog PR. I am reminded once again, your blog PR least 2

good luck

3 komentar:

Stranger mengatakan...

Nice info bro...

tapi kemungkinan scam gak??
ada rekomendasi dari blog lain yg sudah ada payment proof dari perfect money blom??

juset make sure, we not fall into scam site bro.

Fajar mengatakan...

scam atau bukan, sekarang ane blom tau bro... karena baru 2 minggu ane di approve.
Tapi ane dah dapet 3 downline, and 1 downline dapet $0.05 berarti $0,15.
Kalo yang ini dah masuk rekening ane bro.. $0,15 x ceban dapet cenggoh......
semoga aja bukan scam...

Fajar mengatakan...

Ditegaskan sekali lagi, perfect mone bukan scam....
Dua Puluh dollar pertama udah masuk rekening saya dan langsung bisa di uangkan di dengan ibu silvi.
Ini uang beneran....