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Kamis, 29 Januari 2009

Why you must not use free software for you registry

A windows registry is like a catalog for our computer. Every bit of hardware and software that is present in the computer is referenced to the registry.

In order to understand the registry a bit better, and thus our reasons as to why you must not use free software for your registry, let us take the example of a proper windows registry.Let's say you are opening Ms-Word.

The moment you click on the Ms Word icon on your screen, the reference in the registry to Ms Word will get activated. The details of the Ms-Word programs, such as where it is located, whom it is registered to, the last time it was accessed etc. are all accessed along with the program through the registry.

The registry contains references to all such information. Every time a program is installed, a huge number of such entries are inserted into the software and as the number of such entries inside the registry keeps increasing, it adversely affects the speed of the computer. To offset this, we need to use registry cleaners that help clean the registry and boost the system.There are many different registry cleaners available in the market. It is thus confusing for the average computer user to decide which cleaner to use.

There are many reasons why you must not use free software for your registry. A registry as we now knows contains information that is vital to the system. A registry also contains references to a lot of OS tasks and controls panel options. If any part of the registry is damaged then it might cause irrevocable damage to the operating system. Many systems are known to crash and hang after its registry is damaged.

The software available for free on the internet is not trustworthy. All your highly important data might just get ruined if at all the software malfunctions. Since the software is free, there is no guarantee accompanying it too. This is just one of the reasons why you must not use free software for your registry.

The other reason why use of free software for our registry is not advisable is because apart from the lack of guarantee accompanying any free software, our registry is also very vulnerable to any problems. Any problems in the registry, in turn can easily cripple the entire system, so much so that the whole operating system might also have to be re installed.Hence the use of free software for registry is strongly discouraged.for a free scan and more information Source:

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