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Jumat, 05 Juni 2009

combination between iPhone and Macbook Air

A designer named Yves Behar, has designed an amazing concept to OLPC 2nd Version, that hoped to be the first All-Screen laptop in the world. This project named “Brick” by Apple, will become like hybrid combination between iPhone and Macbook Air.

This product will have a virtual keyboard and trackpad, an adaptive user interface that can change into a multitouch screen, and orientation to change into different mode.
Here it is:

When Brick hold horizontality with two screen have an angle, the below screen will change into a virtual touchpad keyboard. Well there is no additional sign button for a conventional typist. The up-screen has a function as a general screen like another screen. Especially, they have a sensitively touch sensor that can detect any motion, like double knocking for zoom, etc.

Tablet PC
When two sides of Brick are full open, Brick will changed into a tablet PC with full touchscreen. This mode is best for web surfing, photos editing, and displaying music vizualitation.

Brick will transform into an eBook when they are positioning like laptop mode, but holding vertically. Each screen will transform into an electronic pages for easily reading. Brick will display eBooks, eMags, or websites. The readers can navigate it by scrolling the screen for moving into different pages.

Like the tablet mode for two person. When the button on the screen clicked, the screen will be used for two users who sit face to face. This mode better for a colaborate work and mostly for multiplayer games.
And the last, there is some funny question about, “Why this produt named “Brick?”. Because, Brick is targetting to destroying Windows domination.

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